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We have members from commuter towns around London, New York, New Orleans, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Thailand and Hong Kong. They all have very different commutes but there's something in their journeys that every commuter will relate to.

Tyler describes his commute on London's DLR train to the heart of London's shopping district. Harveena tells us about her commute on the Kelana Jaya Light Rail Transit to Kuala Lumpur. Rhys' journey to work takes him along London's River Thames to historic Greenwich.

Harry's commuter bus from Ottawa takes him past dramatic wildlife scenes - a far cry from Nor's public transport commute in Malaysia. Gang Huang's depiction of Hong Kong gives commuters another contrasting journey to work.

Ye Hsia's daily commute in Australia takes him across Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Arthur's journey on the New York Subway is one that many Londoners would recognise. Chelsea prefers the overground when she travels from her home in Wimbledon but Tegan explains that in Edmonton, public transportation always means the bus.

Many of our members use the river on their daily journey - Louis' trip by ferry in Sydney is a relaxing pleasure trip, compared to being cramped undergound on a subway train. Jennifer explains what it's like commuting on London's Tube network between Islington and Docklands.


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Kelana Jaya to Kuala Lumpur Kelana Jaya to Kuala Lumpur

7:45 a.m.: Clutching my thermos of coffee like a lifeline, I head towards the Kelana... 

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